Please note that I will not be scheduling additional events for the remainder of 2017, as I am currently at work on a new book which requires my full attention. Details of the new book will be released shortly. 

2018 Events
10th-14th  April, Dread, Utopia and Survival in Subterranea (organized with Ian Klinke and chaired by Klaus Dodds), American Association of Geographers Annual Conference, New Orleans, Lousiana, USA.
10th-14th April, Apocalypse Preppers and The Architecture of Dread, American Association of Geographers Annual Conference, New Orleans, Lousiana, USA.
2017 Events (reverse chronological)
19th October ‘Building the Good Cities of the Future’ with Andrew Adonis, Francesca Bria, Ricky Burdett, Martin Green and Saskia Sassen, Bristol Festival of Ideas, Bristol, UK. ***EVENT OVER***
18th October, ‘Post-Public London’, Museum of London Lunchtime Seminar, Museum of London, UK. ***EVENT OVER***
12th October, ‘Public Squares for Sale’, VOX-POP Research Institute for Art in Public Space, Amsterdam, Netherlands. ***EVENT OVER***
11th October, ‘Public Squares for Sale’ (Plenary), Stroom Institute, Knight’s Move Lecture, The Hague, Netherlands. ***EVENT OVER***
2nd September 12-2pm, ‘Psychology, Philosophy and the Future of the Bunker’, Field Theory Exhibition, Australian Centre for Contemporary Arts, Melbourne, Australia. ***EVENT OVER***
27th July, Urban Mobilities session (discussant), Justice and the City workshop, University of Melbourne. ***EVENT OVER***
6th May, ‘Drone Methodologies’, Conference of Irish Geographers, Cork, Ireland. ***EVENT OVER***
4th May,  ‘Countering Geographies of Dread’ (Keynote), 2017 Conference of Irish Geographers, Cork, Ireland, 5pm. ***EVENT OVER***
23rd April, ‘Ozymandias in the Anthropocene: A conceptual framework for the city as an emerging landform’ with Professor Heather Viles and Simon Dixon EGU General Assembly, Vienna, Austria. ***EVENT OVER***
7th March, ‘Styles of Documentary Filmmaking’, Media and Visual Culture (guest lecture for Dr Adam Fish), Lancaster University. ***EVENT OVER***
16th January,  ‘Mapping the Age of Dread’, British Library (Public Seminar), Maps of the Twentieth Century: Drawing the Line, London, UK ***EVENT OVER***
2016 Events (reverse chronological)
17th November, ‘Mapping the unseen’ Tate Modern Switchhouse, London, UK. ***EVENT OVER***
26th October, ‘Post-phenomenological Drone Methodologies’, University of the Arts London Seminar Series, London, UK. ***EVENT OVER***
18th October, ‘Conspiracy to Trespass’, Chicago Ideas Week, Chicago, Illinois, USA. ***EVENT OVER***
21st September,  ‘Researching Transgression in an Age of Dread’, University of Sydney, Geoscience Seminar Series, Sydney, Australia. ***EVENT OVER***
19th September, ‘Drone Methodologies: Bodies, Senses and Verticality’, Graduate Masterclass, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia. ***EVENT OVER***
19th September, ‘Researching Transgression in an Age of Dread’, School of Social Sciences Seminar Series, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia. ***EVENT OVER***

Reconfiguring Techniques

9th September ” Drone Methodologies: Bodies, Senses and Verticality”, Refiguring Techniques in Digital-Visual Research, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia. ***EVENT OVER***
6th September ‘Researching Transgression in an Age of Dread’ (plenary), Urban Ethnographies and Public Order, University of Melbourne, Australia. ***EVENT OVER***
14th June ‘Book launch of Global Undergrounds’, UCL Urban Laboratory, with Paul Dobraszczyk, Carlos López Galviz and Harriet Hawkins (discussant). ***EVENT OVER***


12th June ‘London Rising’, Balham Literary Festival, Running Riot in the City, London. ***EVENT OVER***

Balham Lit Fest E-Flyer

4th May, ‘Place hacking and local politics’, JNL Baker Society, Jesus College Oxford. ***EVENT OVER***
1st March, 2016 ‘The limits of exploration’, South Kensington Explorer Club, London. ***EVENT OVER***
18th February 2016 ‘Reading the Neoliberal City’, Guest Lecture for Anna Minton, Architecture Department, University of East London. ***EVENT OVER***
Completed 2015 Events (chronological)
23rd February, 2015 Visual ethnography in action: negotiating ethics with recreational trespassers, Ethics in a Complex World seminar series, University of Southampton. A video interview from after this talk can be found here. ***EVENT OVER***
24th February, 2015 The Hidden Heritage of London, Reimagine London: What if we made London a National Park? London Southbank Centre. ***EVENT OVER***
26th February, 2015 Secret City, Salon for the City, Antique Beat presents London at the Library, London. ***EVENT OVER***
5th March, 2015 (non-public event) Experimental Geographies, Critical Topics in Urban Studies Module, University of Vienna. ***EVENT OVER***
23rd March, 2015 (non-public event) Psychogeography guest lecture for Will Self, Brunel, University of London. ***EVENT OVER***
27th March, 2015 ‘Senses of place in place hacking’, Place Symposium, University of Exeter, Falmouth Campus, Cornwall. ***EVENT OVER***


2nd April 2015 ‘Place hacking sociology’, BSA Regional Postgraduate Day, University of Liverpool. ***EVENT OVER***


25th April 2015 ‘Mapping all the public space in London’ TEDx Southampton, Nuffield Theatre, University of Southampton.
29th April 2015 ‘Place-hacking as a geographic concept’, meeting of the Southern Region committee of the Royal Geographical Society, Shackleton Building, University of Southampton.
1st May 2015 A public lecture from Will Self, University of Southampton Geography and Environment, 6pm (hosting).

Will Self in Southampton

12th May, 2015 ‘Mapping the out-of-bounds city’ with Laura Oldfield Ford and Stephen Walter, Living Maps Seminar Series, Birkbeck University, 6-8pm.

Mapping Out-of-Bounds

23rd May, ‘Uncovering the city: Urban writing seminar‘, The Guardian, 10am-4pm ***EVENT OVER***
24th & 25th September, ‘Time-spaces of Urban Infrastructures’ Planned Violence Seminar Series, “The Cost of Urban Violence”, University of Oxford. ***EVENT OVER***
30th September, ‘Urban Exploration in Cartel Country’, Kindness of Strangers charity event for the for Calais migrant camps, London Irish Centre. ***EVENT OVER***
6th October, ‘Urban exploration as heritage placemaking’, Department of Archaeology, University of Yorke. ***EVENT OVER***
17th October, ‘Place hack your city’, WIRED Next Generation, London. ***EVENT OVER***
22nd October, ‘Urban exploration as heritage placemaking’ (Guest Lecture), Department of Archaeology, University of Southampton. ***EVENT OVER***
6th November, ‘Place hack your city’, Lost Lectures Series, London. ***EVENT OVER***
 11th November, ‘Occupying public space’, Skeptics in the Pub, Newcastle. ***EVENT OVER***
13th November, ‘Senate House Revealed’, Talking Underground Symposium, Senate House Library, Being Human Festival 13th November. ***EVENT OVER***
18th-20th November, ‘Place-hack your city’, ‘Thinking about Cities’ and ‘Will Self on the Life and Work of JG Ballard’ (chair), Bristol Festival of Ideas. ***EVENT OVER***
25th-27th November, ‘London Rising’, Vertical Cities conference, Université Lyon 2 Lumière, Lyon, France.
2nd – 5th December, ‘Place Hacking Cities’ (Talk + Workshop) 16th Media Art Biennale WRO, Wrocław, Poland.