Bundian Way Project


I recently participated in a two-day exhibition at the National Art School in Sydney. The exhibition was built around a long weekend spent walking part of the Bundian Way Aboriginal Trail, a 365km track which follows an ancient Aboriginal route from Mt Kosciuszko […]

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Secret Tunnels


Earlier this year I was invited to write the foreword to Antony Clayton’s new book Secret Tunnels of England: Folklore and Fact. The invitation came from a talk we gave together in the Salon for the City series, which I’d highly recommend attending if you […]

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Labyrinth Review


In the new issue of the Times Literary Supplement (20th March 2015), I have reviewed Mark Wallinger’s new book Labyrinth: A Journey Through London’s Underground.  The piece was edited down a bit for print. Below is the unedited text for those interested. […]

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Audience with Will Self


For anyone in Southampton (or interested in coming down!) on the 1st May I will be hosting Will Self in Southampton for the day. Will will be taking a walk with my 3rd year Experimental Geography students and sticking around for a reading from his new book Shark followed […]

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Experimental Geographies


Over the past few weeks, I’ve been putting together a 3rd year undergraduate course here at the University of Southampton. This is my first time putting together an entire course and I’m pleased to say I’ve finally got a draft syllabus together. I’m […]

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Croesor Rhosydd Slate Mine


I’ve always wanted to do the Croesor-Rhosydd Slate Mine through trip in Snowdonia. It’s by many accounts one of the toughest mine explorations in Britain, requiring specialized equipment (like pulleys), solid SRT (Single Rope Technique) knowledge and a […]

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The Hobbit House


The other day my good friend Darmon Richter stopped by Southampton to visit and told me he was headed to a Hobbit House on some farmland in Somerset. The back story was that a local farmer, in the 1980s, built a house for his sheep of stacked stone and, well, got carried […]

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